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the first blockchain credit marketplace based on AI scoring

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7Seconds is a fully operational credit marketplace that allows a borrower to instantly choose a loan with the best terms and interest rate. Loans are provided by partner banks within the 7Seconds ecosystem. The company actively uses artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networking technologies.


High interest rates charged by banks on loans hamper development of trade, economy, culture, and education across the globe. Banks do it to hedge against risks. An inefficient scoring system pushes up interest rates.


7Seconds takes on the task of purchasing information on borrowers from credit history bureaus (CHB) and entering it into a distributed ledger on the platform. The use of blockchain rules out the possibility of meddling with the ledger by 7Seconds or other participants of the ecosystem, making the information relevant, valuable and trustworthy for all financial institutions. This will significantly reduce banks' spending on scoring.

How 7Seconds works

How 7Seconds works scheme Commission payment Commission Payment Data Data Payment Data Payment Exchange for goods Purchase of data Tokens Compensation of the risks Repayment of the loan Payments Payments for goods Banks Clients Stores Credit History Bureaus and other suppliers of data Exchange
  • Fiat money
  • Tokens
  • Data

How 7Seconds works

  1. Application

    A client applies for a loan on the 7Seconds platform.

  2. Borrower assessment

    7Seconds sends out requests and buys information on the client from credit bureaus, mobile operators, and other data providers, adding information on purchases and loyalty programs, connected retailers and suppliers, medical, tourist, and other services. The company also runs its own assessment to counter fraud, assigns credit rating and sends a final assessment to credit and financial partners.

  3. Loan offers

    Each lender makes a loan offer to the client.

  4. Selection

    The client chooses the best offer.

  5. Signing Loan Agreement

    The client signs a loan agreement with the selected lender on the 7Seconds platform and a 7Seconds smart contract, which is entered into the distributed ledger. The client has access to the terms and conditions of the loan, repayment schedule and the number of CRET tokens reserved as a reward for paying off the loan.

  6. Payment for goods

    The lender transfers money to the store.

  7. Transfer of goods

    The store transfers the goods to the client.

  8. Commission of 7Seconds platform

    The store and the lender transfer commission to the 7Seconds platform.

  9. Uncertainty risk management program

    Upon full repayment of the loan, the number of tokens indicated in the 7Seconds smart contract is transferred to the client's wallet.

  10. Risk compensation program

    In case of the client's failure to repay the loan, the tokens are transferred to the bank under the risk compensation program. Information on the completed transaction will be immutably stored in the ledger.

How 7Seconds works scheme Commission payment Commission Payment Data Data Payment Data Payment Exchange for goods Purchase of data Tokens Compensation of the risks Repayment of the loan Payments Payments for goods Banks Clients Stores Credit History Bureaus and other suppliers of data Exchange
  • Fiat money
  • Tokens
  • Data

Using CRET tokens in the ecosystem

  • Uncertainty risk management
  • Bank risk compensation program
  • Repayment of the loan by the borrower
  • Payment of commission by banks and stores
  • Payment for analytical and statistical data
  • Transfer to third parties

Our tech partners

Factors affecting value of CRET token

  1. Growth of POS Market

    Growth of POS⁄installment segment – av. 30% ⁄ year

  2. Working Business

    Growth of 7Seconds' working business.

  3. Risk Management Program

    Demand from the risk management program (distribution of tokens to banks and customers).20% from operating revenue may be directed to replenishing reserves of CRET tokens for the risk management program.

  4. Popularization of CRET token

    Distribution of tokens to mass market of POS loans.

  5. Holding period

    Platform users will only be able to spend their tokens upon fulfillment of their loan conditions. The average loan period is one year.

Our advantages

  • Promising market

    In 2019, global online trading is estimated to reach $3.578 trillion or 12.8% of all sales. The world market of m-commerce (sales over mobile devices) is growing by 40% a year and by 2019 it is forecast to reach $1.357 trillion. The market for online POS loans and installment sales is growing by 30% a year.

  • Strong team

    7Seconds employs professionals with 20 years of experience in banking and investment, more than 20 years of experience in retail, over 10 years in data analysis, machine learning, architecture and IT development.

  • Operational business

    7Seconds is a working credit marketplace for online POS loans. Over the year since the development, testing and launch of 7Seconds platform, it has been chosen by many international online stores and banks.

Our strategic partners

Strategic partner banks

  • Alfa-Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • Russian Standard
  • Credit EuropeBank
  • Renaissance Credit
  • Vostochny Bank
  • Sovcombank

Strategic partner stores

  • Inventive Retail Group
  • Samsung
  • Dyson
  • Ulmart
  • Media Markt
  • Lamoda
  • Bose
  • Asus
  • Lukoil
  • Synergy University
  • Bork

Geographic expansion

The 7Seconds business model is based on commission from every deal initiated on the platform, which works in an automatic mode. Every new market we join is capable of generating profits quickly. So, the business model is easily scalable and new integration happens within just a few weeks.

Road map

  • Completed 2-3 Q 2017 Development of 7Seconds platform
  • Completed 4 Q 2017 The first loan issued on the platform
  • 3 Q 2018 Launch of CRET token sale
  • 4 Q 2018 Listing CRET token on exchanges
  • 4 Q 2018 Start of risk management program based on CRET tokens
  • 1 Q 2019 MVP of 7Seconds scoring private blockchain solution
  • 1 Q 2019 Opening branches in Great Britain, Poland and Indonesia
  • 3 Q 2019 Launch of 7Seconds scoring private blockchain platform
  • 4 Q 2019 Opening a branch in China

CRET token sale

  • Exact number of issued tokens will depend on funds raised in the ICO;
  • No creation, release or mining of tokens upon the completion of the ICO;
  • Transfer of tokens will be allowed upon the completion of the ICO period;
  • If the soft cap not achieved, raised funds will be returned to participants;
  • Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will be immediately completed.

The sale of CRET tokens is carried out in 2 stages:

  • Stage # 1 Private sale

    In progress

  • Stage # 2 Public sale

    To be announced

Payment: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: $ 3,000,000
Hard cap: $ 45,000,000
Token price: 1 CRET = 0.1 $
Total supply (maximum): 611,000,000

Distribution of tokens diagram

Distribution of CRET tokens

  • Sale (80%)
  • Team (15%)
  • Reserve for the loyalty program and risk compensation program (1%)
  • Advisers (3%)
  • Bounty (1%)

Distribution of funds diagram

Distribution of funds

  • Business development (39%)
  • Marketing (37%)
  • Blockchain and soft development (15%)
  • Administration costs (3%)
  • System and support (6%)



  • Alexey Chalenko

    Alexey Chalenko CEO / Founder

  • Anatoly Chernenko

    Anatoly Chernenko Co-Founder

  • Alexander Nesterov

    Alexander Nesterov Business Development Director

  • Alexander Kizilov

    Alexander Kizilov Chief Operating Officer

  • Anastasia Smorodina

    Anastasia Smorodina Chief Marketing Officer

  • Alexander Smirnov

    Alexander Smirnov Head of Community Management

  • Vladimir Kozlov

    Vladimir Kozlov Head of Content

  • Sergey Klimov

    Sergey Klimov IT Architect

  • Elena Valeeva

    Elena Valeeva Software Developer

  • Antonina Trepacheva

    Antonina Trepacheva Designer


  • Wulf Kaal

    Prof. Wulf Kaal Advisor on Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Simon Cocking

    Simon Cocking Marketing Advisor

  • Kamlesh Kangya

    Kamlesh Kangya Advisor on business development in the Asian region

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